Meet The Diva

Don’t let the title fool you; I am a Diva, inside and out.  Just not a Domestic one… I can’t cook and I hate to clean!  So, I decided to chronicle my uphill battle in the home, where the Damned Domicile Deities constantly plot against me. Laundry… ever growing piles. Dust… use your finger to draw a sorrowful a picture in it.  Recipes… toss them in the trash I’m heading out for dinner! (Who knows where you’d even buy green tea extract or truffle oil anyways…)

If you enjoy reading this blog, or if you are a fellow Undomesticate, you can find me on Facebook as well. Also, please consider subscribing to this blog. There’s a subscribe button somewhere over there. –>

My alter ego, Bess Auer, is a published novelist who runs the Central Florida Top 5 blog.  She can’t stand cleaning house either.


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