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Shrink Wrap Pot Roast

Nope, you didn’t read the title incorrectly…that’s exactly what I came across in the grocery store yesterday. The meat, the veggies, and the seasoning were all neatly wrapped in plastic and bound together in a kit. It’s part of Tyson’s “Slow Cooker Creations” and I didn’t bat an eyelash as I set it into my cart.

It boasts a “5 minute prep” (which actually turned out to be much less once I figured out which pot went with the slow cooker base… I hadn’t ever used it before) and was truly easy peasy! So, I ventured into the Library confidently this morning and started to act like I knew what I was doing! (Those Triple D’s were apparently on vacation today.)

The nutritional value was fairly good for “prepared” food: sodium 290 mg, low in sugar and cholesterol, and high in protein with 22 grams.

So, this was a definite winner for the Undomesticated Diva household!