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Shrink Wrap Pot Roast

Nope, you didn’t read the title incorrectly…that’s exactly what I came across in the grocery store yesterday. The meat, the veggies, and the seasoning were all neatly wrapped in plastic and bound together in a kit. It’s part of Tyson’s “Slow Cooker Creations” and I didn’t bat an eyelash as I set it into my cart.

It boasts a “5 minute prep” (which actually turned out to be much less once I figured out which pot went with the slow cooker base… I hadn’t ever used it before) and was truly easy peasy! So, I ventured into the Library confidently this morning and started to act like I knew what I was doing! (Those Triple D’s were apparently on vacation today.)

The nutritional value was fairly good for “prepared” food: sodium 290 mg, low in sugar and cholesterol, and high in protein with 22 grams.

So, this was a definite winner for the Undomesticated Diva household!


Undiscovered Territory & Mushroom Soup

I am so excited about how the Undomesticated Diva Facebook page is spreading…  obviously there are plenty of us out there!  (Perhaps we should unionize and do away with cooking and cleaning forever!)

In celebration of the number of recipes fans are posting, I’ve decided to actually try a few, which means I must go where I’ve never gone before! (Well, maybe just where I haven’t really liked to go before…) Yes, the undiscovered territory to which I allude is The Library.  Now, let me explain something… we actually call this area of the house–you know the one with the oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator in it– The Library. (My husband claims that when he redid the kitchen for “resale” value, he might as well have put a Library in instead, because I do much more reading than cooking.)

I tried to sneak into The Library under the radar, so the Triple D’s (those Damned Domestic Dieties) wouldn’t detect my presence, but how does the saying go? Best laid plans? 

Here’s evidence of my trip…and yes, I survived to write about it! (FYI: My hubby edited the video, thus the running commentary…)

Special thanks to fan Joy for submitting the recipe!